[Long’s View] Dont Cry For Me Argentina (VPI) 22.06.2018 (Delayed)

Jul. 9, 2018 2:58 AM ET Summary Stocks stabilized a day after trade tensions that drag down Asian markets which move from Jaw to open conflict. VPI – Van Phu – Invest Investment JSC (VND 42,500 per share, market cap USD 300 million) VPI is a leading company in the field of development real estate project. Dont Cry For Me Argentina. They might lose badly in the World Cup this year, but their market should be cheerful with MSCI Emerging reclassify (Saudi Arabia,  Argentina and Kwait). The answer was here all the time. Vietnam will be the bluest of frontier … Continue reading [Long’s View] Dont Cry For Me Argentina (VPI) 22.06.2018 (Delayed)

[Long’s View] Captain America: Trade War (POW) 20.06.2018 (Delayed)

  Jul. 9, 2018 2:50 AM ET Summary Except China stocks (and Vietnam stocks), most stock indexes were down just a modest percentage yesterday (follow the trade war escalation news). POW PVPower (13,000, Market cap USD 1,3 billion). The company estimate that the 1st half results parent company: revenue of 12.649 billion dong, EBT of 1.190 billion dong and EAT. June is not a quiet month.including 12/06 US-North Korea summit, 12-13/06 FOMC meeting, 14/06 closing of National Assembly in Vietnam, 11-15/06 review ETF. MSCI review 20/06, 22/06 OPEC meeting. Captain America: Trade war. Since March 2018, potential trade war already affected … Continue reading [Long’s View] Captain America: Trade War (POW) 20.06.2018 (Delayed)

[Long’s View] Silence Of The Lambs (CTD) 08.06.2018 (delayed)

Jun. 20, 2018 9:44 PM ET Summary While in the US, both Nasdaq and Russell 2000 are heading to new record highs, Vietnam Stocks continues their rally with thinner and thinner liquidity (with the help of TCB). CTD ( VND157,000/share, – 1.4%, market cap USD 600 million) CTD’s business results in Q1/2018 slightly decreased over the same period due to its gross profit margin in Q1 /. Recent rummor that the Gov will consider to move the fertilizer from the VAT exemption to under tax rate, was not news at all. Silence of the lambs. Bulls always fight up with … Continue reading [Long’s View] Silence Of The Lambs (CTD) 08.06.2018 (delayed)

[Long’s View] Time Heals All Wounds (GAS) 23.05.2018 (Delayed)

Jun. 20, 2018 9:25 PM ET Summary DJ succumbed to a late bout of selling, likely fueled by remarks from Pres. Trump that dampened the narrative that U.S.-China trade tensions are easing. GAS (VND 113,300, +7%, Market cap USD 9.51 billion). Our team is quite positive with energy while oil has potential to go higher (report). What Happened During National Assembly? In our email (23rd Oct 2017), we mention that Vnindex fluctuate much more than normal. This time are you ready for this wild ride? The National Assembly this year will focus on number of laws and 12 loss-making projects … Continue reading [Long’s View] Time Heals All Wounds (GAS) 23.05.2018 (Delayed)

[Long’s View] Vietnam Q1’s Result Update (PVI) 10.05.2018 (Delayed)

Summary The day full of news: Dollar declines, treasuries climb, Dr. Mahathir back to the Malaysian PM and Israel hit Iranian targets in Syria.the market declines sharply like falling dagger. PVI (Mkt Cap $313 Mil – Current price 34,300 VND/cp – P/E Forward 19.1x – P/B forward 1.1x – FO 49%). Having the largest non-life market share and low valuation. Q1’s result update. In the meantime, most company already announce their Q1’s number with total PAT of VND 45,598 billion (+21% vs Q1 2017). 616/710 making profit and 46% have. Lower valuation is the only good news when market is … Continue reading [Long’s View] Vietnam Q1’s Result Update (PVI) 10.05.2018 (Delayed)